The Collapse Of America In Raw Numbers

The United States is completely bankrupt. We are living on borrowed time and that time is running out. As explained in this easy to understand video, the entitltment/welfare state that has been built over the decades has about run it’s course. As with all societies that live beyond their means for an extended period of time there has to be a correction. That correction is coming, it will be abrupt and catastrophic. 

Government is the problem. The United States will not be brought down by a foreign adversary but will collapse under the weight of debt, corruption and lawlessness. Our Republic has been perverted into an ungovernable country that is in the early stages of political and economic anarchy. Right now the political class, using their surrogates in the media are trying to hold the system together as long as possible but the math doesn’t work. 

Please read the article and get informed.



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