This video is PHENOMENAL! "If I wanted America to fail" – Share with all you know!

This is such a PHENOMENAL video!!

“If I wanted America to fail”

From the script of the video:

“If I wanted America to fail, I’d pay people not to work. I’d pay mothers to have babies out of wedlock. I’d exempt over half the population from any meaningful income tax so they would vote for tax increases on the productive folks. I’d promise today retirement benefits that can’t be paid for tomorrow.

I would stress class warfare — both economic and racial. I’d give job and educational preferences to favored groups rather than allowing merit to be used as a selection criteria.”

This is not only what President Obama is doing this is what the Progressive movement has been doing for DECADES and the Progressives are BOTH Republicans and Democrats! This is why it is crucial to the future of America to not just vote based on party but on Principle

Educate yourself – Educate your family – Educate your friends – Educate ANYONE who will listen.



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