The Crazy Making that only Government can do!!!!

I know I am not stupid but sometimes the more I attempt to understand legislation and follow the never ending trails, I end up staring at my computer screen feeling like my brain is massively malfunctioning!!

I so appreciate the Transparency Online Project and the INTENT of the project and Rep BJ Nikkel did a huge amount of work pushing this through, BUT once again the forces of govt work against the legislative intent.

As much as I criticize the lack of transparency in the education system, at least their check registers provide real information that is useable and/or points you in the right direction.

Case in point:  poking around the dept of labor spending and see expenses for ARRA govt funds – click on and then see purchases svcs – personnel for $496,522 and so let’s see what this is spent on.  Should be easy right?

A list of vendors is pulled and one catches my eye: Solar Energy International, Inc (SEI) for $29,726 (yes I know in today’s world of trillions this is pennies) and what details are provided?

Only that the grant line (i.e. budget line) is; ARRA-GEO HB10-1333 GREEN ENGY and so what exactly did we “buy” from SEI?  Yes the register tells me that the expense is due to the black hole money pit of the Governor’s Energy Office (GEO) BUT SO WHAT!!

What does SEI, the GEO and the dept of labor have to do with each other???  Simple:  We (you, me, our kids, our grandkids, our great grandkids) are paying to train unemployed people skills to use in the Solar industry which means…

we are paying to train the unemployed person to find a job in the solar industry which is GOING BANKRUPT and therefore STAY UNEMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!!!

For 2011 SEI brags about training 3000 people to find jobs in the solar industry.  Wonder how many of the 3k have actually found jobs or did but did so at Abound Solar????  How did that work out?!

Or how about Terracon Consulting (seems to be another environmental green energy company) which for 2011 the Dept of Labor spent $543,210 for personnel svcs – professional.  Again what was this for???

In 2012 the Dept of Labor spent $449,320, 2010 $445,000…and so what did we get for our money spent with Terracon??

All this because I wanted to know how much money the unemployment division spends on federal unemployment benefits that extends benefits beyond the state’s 26 weeks of benefits which I still HAVE NO IDEA how much is spent or for how many people!!

No wonder people just let the bureaucracies run amok as to question and hold accountable will most likely send a person to the rubber padded room but now due to Obamacare the padding has been deemed unnecessary and causes global warming so just bang your head into the concrete wall 20 times and take two aspirin.



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