The Amy Oliver Show may never be the same!!!

We are going to guest host for Amy this Monday July 9th and are excited for this opportunity!!

We will be discussing historical patterns that seem to be repeating themselves.

It is so true that those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it and we will talk about how the history of Rome, France and the Civil War have many similarities with what is happening now.

There is the bread and circus of the Roman Empire, the bankruptcy of the French 1789, the polarization during the Civil War and then today we have pieces of all three of these.  There are so many examples of how we are going down the same path with things such as the health care law, the food stamp program, the EPA implementation of sustainability, UN Arms Treaty, public education, immigration, the deficit and on and on.

The show is 9am to 11am on 1310KFKA or you can also listen on line and be sure to call in with your thoughts or questions!!  The phone number is 353-1310 or 877-353-1310

Tune in Monday and we hope you enjoy the program!!

Robert and Nancy







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