Recap of Guest Hosting Amy Oliver Show 7/9/12

Robert and I had a great time guesting hosting today on the Amy Oliver show and we hope that all who listened not only enjoyed the show but also learned something that can be used in your individual efforts to defend Liberty.

For those who were unable to listen to the show the podcasts are available and here are the links: Hour 1 and Hour 2

Below is a recap of talking points and web-links:

The UN Arms Treaty has been in the works for quite some time and on July 27th their will be a conference in NYC to work out the agreement with the goal of getting the treaty voted on and passed

In reading the web-page that the UN has for Small Arms more questions are raised then answered and I would encourage all to take the time to read through if you value your 2nd Amendment right.  This paragraph points out the need for more research and answers:

“To attain those goals, within the UN, countries have agreed on several commitments on small arms control: the Firearms Protocol, the Programme of Action on small arms – including an Instrument on marking and tracing – and the Basic Principles on the Use of Force and Firearms by Law Enforcement Officials.”

UN Arms Web-Links

Petition – Dick Morris   UN Disarmament Teacher Resources  Small Arms & Light Weapons  UN Arms Trade Treaty

Roman Empire and similarities to USA current times:

A great reference book on this subject is: The Fall of the Roman Empire, A Reappraisal by Michael Grant

Of special note from the book is classification of the phases the empire went through such as: gulf between the classes, the credibility gap, groups that opted out and others.

Economic Reasons for Fall of Rome   Causes for Fall of Rome

While we did not get a chance to discuss the Tytler Cycle we encourage everyone to understand the cycle which was originally developed by Alexander Tytler, a Scottish historian and John Eberhard of Common Sense Government has written three easy to read articles explaining the Tytler Cycle.

2003 Article    2009 Update  2010 Update

Normalcy Bias:

When something that happens that is terrifying, horrific or unbelievable, the tendency of the mind is to ignore the evidence and to act as if nothing has happened.  Right now America many are blinded by the normalcy bias as most simply don’t want to believe that America could possibly be on path that is leading to calamity, chaos and even worse a different type of America.

The Survival Mom

French Revolution:

Bastille Day and the French Revolution  The Economic Crisis  The Nation’s Debt Outpacing Income

American Civil War:

Dredd Scott  Division & Laws Against Conscience

Public Education:

K-12 Subsidies  Separation of School & State




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