In 10 years I predict I’m going to be a Millionaire & going to start living the good life today!!

I do monthly budgets for our company and I do monthly budgets for our household and I even will do our budget for the next 12 months.

Why do I stop at 12 months?  Because I don’t have some magical crystal ball that tells me what the future may bring!!

I really don’t care about a budget that goes out 10 years!!  Most of the time I’m lucky to plan dinners for the next seven days as too often unexpected things happen and so the chicken alfredo needs to be replaced with a frozen pizza!

So why do the guys in D.C. believe that they can in essence plan meals for the next THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DAYS which is what 10 years is!!!

The “smart people” in government believe that all we have to do is cut  a little bit here and a little bit there AND that our income is going to increase and so if we just manage our money right we can buy all that we want right now and pay for it 10 years from now.

Do you know anyone who would or could buy a brand new house based on estimating income and expenses for the next 10 years?  If 10 year budgets were  valid then we all would be living in “McMansions” and driving a brand new Jaguar!!

Anyone who thinks the country can MAKE IT 10 years without REAL REFORM to the budget process is delusional and part of the problem.

Tell me what the budget proposal is for the next year – not 5 years – not 10 years but ONE YEAR.

Don’t talk to me about a balanced budget amendment if there is no plan to END baseline budgeting.

Don’t talk to me about how great your budget is if there is no plan to control our borders and fix the immigration problem.

Don’t talk to me about how your budget will create prosperity with no mention of CLOSING DOWN useless departments such as Education, Energy or the EPA.

Don’t tell me how many jobs your budget will create because in the end government DOES NOT create jobs.

It is the Government that has DESTROYED jobs because the people in government refuse to stay within the boundaries established in the Constitution.

Tell me how you will spend our money for one year.

Tell me how you will tell citizens the looting of the treasury is over even if it means being voted out of job.

Tell me how you will manage the checkbook for ONE YEAR.

Tell me how you are going to deal with reality.



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