Highpark Fire – Organizations need your donation!

The Highpark Fire is a devastating and tragic event to so many people who live in the affected area.

Over 180 homes have been destroyed by the fire and while no amount of money can replace items such as pictures that capture our lives or trinkets that have no dollar value but the memories that they hold are priceless, donations are needed for basic necessities.

The Reporter Herald has created a page on their web-site for all those who would like to help and you can select from:

The Salvation Army – they are providing meals to the families

Larimer County Humane Society – providing shelter and care for the animals evacuated

ACS Community Lift – providing clothing, basic needs, diapers, etc

The Reporter Herald has made it easy to give with an “igive button” and you can select one of the organizations above.

There is also the web-site www.helpcoloradonow.org which provides a list of other organizations which need donations.

Liberty Watch has donated to Larimer County Humane Society and ACS Community Lift and we hope that all who can will donate even if only $5 as it all helps.

We are saddened that the fire did take the life of a woman and our hearts and prayers go out to the family and we are thankful that the fire has not taken more lives.

The Larimer County Sheriffs Department led by Sheriff Justin Smith has done a phenomenal job of ensuring the safety of the residents and coordinating with the fire fighters.  The courageous fire fighters have risked their lives to stop this fire and also to do all that can be done to save the homes of so many residents.

God Bless All of these men and women and we will continue to pray for their safety as they all work to stop the fire.

Thankfully the fire is now at 45% containment and we pray that the weather will cooperate and allow the fire to be extinguished so that all residents can return home and begin the process of recovering from this tragic event.

In Liberty,

Nancy and Robert





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