Blue Lives Matter – All Lives Matter

The last few weeks of 2014 have been filled with the tragedy of lost lives, protests turned into riots, accusations of racism, assassinations of police officers and the biggest tragedies are the increasing schism between Americans of all color and the lack of trust in the men and women who are sworn to uphold the law.

While there is disagreement surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, how can anyone believe that NYC police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos deserved to be assassinated while sitting in their patrol car?

When did we go from law abiding to lawless?

When did we become a nation that mourns the death of Michael Brown by looting and destroying the neighborhood he grew up in?

When did we become a nation that celebrates the death of police officers?

As long as we remain divided we will never find a way to unite.

Often all it takes is one person to reach out and to lead the way in creating common ground which leads to understanding and healing.

Kathy Garcia-Palmer is an example of what one person can do to make the world a better place.  Kathy had no experience in organizing a public event, but what she lacked in experience was made up for with her commitment and determination to hold a pro law enforcement rally.

Blue Lives Matter Denver was held on Saturday December 27th and in spite of the 20 degree weather, there were over 200 people who came to Civic Park in Denver to show support for the men and women in blue who serve and protect us here in Colorado and across the nation.

Sheriff Justin Smith from Larimer County was the emcee and the speakers included a nurse, a pastor, wives of police, radio host and an incredible bagpipe performance.

I know that our justice system is not perfect, but then again neither is our system of government. Both our justice system and our government require that we hold all accountable to follow the rule of law which includes ourselves as well.

I know that all those involved in law enforcement strive to enforce the law to the best of their ability so that not only do they keep us safe, but also so that they return home each day to their families.

Thank you to all those in blue who are dedicated to serving and protecting us

and who understand that all lives matter.

For more information go to Blue Lives Matter Denver or Blue Lives Matter on facebook and below are the videos of the event on December 27th.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


PS I apologize in advance for some of the video jumping around.  I had not planned on recording and so at times I had to switch hands so I could “warm up” the other hand!



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