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Testing in Public Schools is out of Control. Not improving our Schools.

The enthusiasm to test is unabated here in Colorado.  K-12 students are subjected to lots of testing, not only by their teachers and the local school district but also by the state. Here is an analysis of test time for students in Thompson School District Problems with high-stakes testing: 1) standardized test scores poor measure… read more

Guest Column in Reporter Herald by Nancy Rumfelt – Exec. Director of Liberty Watch

Transparency is one of those issues that can make for strange bedfellows! While we may disagree on other issues, the Reporter Herald and Liberty Watch both agree on the importance of transparency. Thank you to the Reporter Herald for printing my guest column!  Click here to read the column… read more

Podcast 1/9/13 of Nancy on Amy Oliver Show

January 9, 2013 on the Amy Oliver Show, Nancy Rumfelt Director of Liberty Watch and Ben DeGrow of the Independence Institute, discuss the petition and how the requested policies can help to form a Partnership in Excellence for the benefit of our kids education. Click here to listen to the podcast. Anyone CAN make a… read more

Thompson School District: Union President Salary & Benefits Policy Explained

Yes, it is true that taxpayer money is taken out of the classroom budget and given to local teachers union branch. There are 178 school districts in Colorado and the vast majority of the districts do not pay any portion of the union president for the local branch. It is true that as part of… read more

Thompson School Board Meeting 2/20/13: BOE Statements on Transparency Petition

On February 20, 2013 the Thompson School District Board of Education had placed our petition on their agenda and were supposed to discussed the merits of the petition for transparency.  However, as the evening progressed it became apparent that they never intended to have an honest discussion and vote on the merits of the petition. Instead of… read more

Transparency Petition is on the Agenda – Feb. 20th!

We often feel like the odds are stacked against us when trying to change government at any level but when we work together we can and do make a difference.  We still need your help & ask that you join us at the Board of Education meeting this Wednesday. We at Liberty Watch appreciate the… read more

Petition Presented to Thompson Board of Education

We would first like to thank all who signed the petition which asks for a few simple changes to the Board of Education policies! Our cause is to seek more transparency with the budget and union contract negotiations, so the Thompson School District can be held more accountable for their actions when creating the labor… read more

Thomspson School District Marginalizes Citizens AGAIN!!

Today (January 10th) the Reporter Herald on the front page has an article about changes to the budget process for the Thompson School District. As we are trying to bring more transparency and accountability with our petition (click here to read and sign!) to the district, the district is once again going in the opposite… read more

Stand & Affirm Your LEGAL Right for Fiscal Responsibility June 20th!!!

On Wednesday the 20th at 6pm the Thompson School District will be holding a Board of Education meeting where the 2012-2013 budget will be voted on and adopted. In the past the Board and the District have not heard much from citizens nor had to deal with questions from the public regarding the budget and… read more