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You & I Create Respect – With or Without a Contract


Negotiations this year had a new wrinkle: The passing of Prop 104 (70% of voters said yes). This new law means all discussions relating to district-union negotiations had to be conducted in public. It also means that boards can no longer go into executive session to discuss contract issues or strategy, and that actual negotiations… read more

The Charade of Transparency Continues – Budget & Union Contract vote June 19th

Assortment of color pencils

Will any amount of money ever be enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the education system? It is that time of year again when local school boards are voting on next year’s budget and there is the usual hand-wringing and angst about the lack of money and yet no budget ever shrinks, no budget… read more

Thompson District: Union Negotiations Open to the public!

The petition efforts did make a difference, as our research found that the negotiations were open for public observation and are now being reinstated as open to the public. ¬†Approximately 18 years ago the process included all board members which required every meeting to be publicized in the newspaper and people did attend the meetings.… read more

Thompson School District: Union President Salary & Benefits Policy Explained

Yes, it is true that taxpayer money is taken out of the classroom budget and given to local teachers union branch. There are 178 school districts in Colorado and the vast majority of the districts do not pay any portion of the union president for the local branch. It is true that as part of… read more

Support Transparency in Thompson School District! Sign the petition!!!

Petition by iPetitions Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union… read more

Don’t let the Union take your VOICE! Thompson School Budget Meeting June 6th at 6pm!!

The Thompson School District proposed budget for next year will be presented tomorrow and the Board of Education has allotted 25 minutes for public comment (isn’t that generous and thoughtful!) and it is VERY IMPORTANT that the community turn out and question the budget! Robert and I can tell you that the school district is… read more

Thompson School BOE makes Union and District Staff #1 Priority and NOT Students

Below is an email that was sent to all of the members of the Thompson School District Board of Education as well as Superintendent Ron Cabrera and CFO Steve Towne today, May 17, 2012 The Board of Education meeting last night for me proved beyond doubt that our students are not the focus nor are… read more

Thompson School District BOE President is channeling Nancy Pelosi!

Tomorrow May 16th at 6pm at the Thompson School District Board of Education meeting (800 So Taft Ave) the newly negotiated Teacher’s Union contract for FY2012-2013 will be voted on.¬† The problem is that while the Board of Education (BOE) has discussed in great detail behind closed doors, the public has not been allowed to… read more

1310 KFKA AM Colorado Segment on School Finance & Thompson School District

The last month there have been several community meetings that the Thompson School District and Board of Education have held regarding the budget for the upcoming year 2012-2013. What has been completely absent from these meetings are presentations and discussions on what the actual revenues and expenses have been for previous years.¬† The use of… read more