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School Reform Issues – Colorado – Common Core, PARCC, etc.

This presentation by LibertyWatch provides basic information about School Reform Activity at a national level here in America and in Colorado. For additional information we suggest the following resources: Common Core Standards—Fact and Fiction Published April 14, 2013 Joy Pullmann, Education Research Fellow at The Heartland Institute Truth In America Education Colorado Academic Standards Menu… read more

Testing in Public Schools is out of Control. Not improving our Schools.

The enthusiasm to test is unabated here in Colorado.  K-12 students are subjected to lots of testing, not only by their teachers and the local school district but also by the state. Here is an analysis of test time for students in Thompson School District Problems with high-stakes testing: 1) standardized test scores poor measure… read more

Cross Currents Forum about Amendment 66: School Funding Reform

During the Forum a member of the audience pointed out that Colorado has “bought into” the idea that better standards and assessment activity will improve student outcomes and teacher effectiveness.  Colorado is spending millions of dollars on this strategy, but test scores over the last 10 years show no significant improvement in student achievement.  The… read more

New Standards & Assessments – more cost, less local control – bad news!

New teacher assessment methodology, implementation of Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts (ELA)  and changes in state mandated testing for K-12 students, all happening this year.  See this article posted August 18, 2013 at the Loveland Reporter-Herald… “Major reforms gain traction as Colorado kids head back to class”. It is highly questionable… read more

Who are these people? Do you trust your children to their care?

Who can reform American Education?  Well, this is not an easy question to answer because there are lots of players. Not only are schools in need of  reform but due to the current environment no major change can be made without a complicated coalition of many parties most of which do not represent the interests… read more