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Podcasts of Nancy as Guest Host on The Stacy Petty Show 1310KFKA


On October 15th and 16th I filled in for Stacy so she could attend her son’s wedding. Here are the podcasts: October 15th 1st Hour – Importance of public education October 15th 2nd Hour – Importance of public education October 16th 1st Hour – Sherrie Peif update on University H.S. October 16th 2nd Hour – … read more

Podcast of Amy Oliver Show 1/7 & Ken Buck Interview

On January 7th I was the guest host on the Amy Oliver show so that Amy could watch her husband John Cooke be sworn in as a State Senator. CONGRATULATIONS Senator John Cooke! Here are the links to the podcasts of the program and during the second hour of the show I interviewed Congressman Ken… read more

Meet the Fractivists – Loveland City Council Study Session

Tonight we attended the study session that the council held regarding the issue of a fracking ban being imposed by the council. As we arrived, there were numerous people milling around holding anti-fracking signs and I believe that are part of the Frack Free Loveland group which has now become the Protect Our Loveland organization.… read more

Thompson District: Union Negotiations Open to the public!

The petition efforts did make a difference, as our research found that the negotiations were open for public observation and are now being reinstated as open to the public.  Approximately 18 years ago the process included all board members which required every meeting to be publicized in the newspaper and people did attend the meetings.… read more

Guest Column in Reporter Herald by Nancy Rumfelt – Exec. Director of Liberty Watch

Transparency is one of those issues that can make for strange bedfellows! While we may disagree on other issues, the Reporter Herald and Liberty Watch both agree on the importance of transparency. Thank you to the Reporter Herald for printing my guest column!  Click here to read the column… read more

Podcast 1/9/13 of Nancy on Amy Oliver Show

January 9, 2013 on the Amy Oliver Show, Nancy Rumfelt Director of Liberty Watch and Ben DeGrow of the Independence Institute, discuss the petition and how the requested policies can help to form a Partnership in Excellence for the benefit of our kids education. Click here to listen to the podcast. Anyone CAN make a… read more

Thompson School Board Meeting 2/20/13: BOE Statements on Transparency Petition

On February 20, 2013 the Thompson School District Board of Education had placed our petition on their agenda and were supposed to discussed the merits of the petition for transparency.  However, as the evening progressed it became apparent that they never intended to have an honest discussion and vote on the merits of the petition. Instead of… read more

Victory for Opponents of 3A Thompson School District!!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Nancy Rumfelt E-mail: nyrumfelt@comcast.net Phone: 970-691-3446 November 2, 2011 Victory for Opponents Of 3A Thompson School District Tax Increase Liberty Watch, opponent of 3A declares victory for Thompson School District taxpayers!!! Loveland – Nancy Rumfelt, Director of Liberty Watch and local citizen activist, today declared victory for taxpayers tired of unaccountable… read more

Submitted Letter to the Editor Reporter Herald 10/19

I urge the citizens of Loveland to vote no on 3A as it is an unnecessary tax increase, hurts businesses and takes money away from individuals on a fixed income. The Thompson School District does not need the money but rather wants to keep growing the education bureaucracy for the expressed benefit of the Teacher’s… read more