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Public Education in America – Lots of Baggage, time to Clean House

With so much going wrong with today’s K-12 Education in America we thought it would be helpful to provide a history of Education in American.  By understanding the major factors that have brought us to today, hopefully… we will be better able to ask the right questions and find the courage to change. Education in… read more

The Educational Industrial Complex is making money but not improving education – bad news!

This presentation was made during the Public Comments at the Thompson School District R2-J Board of Education Meeting on June 19, 2013 by Margaret L. McKenzie My topic tonight touches on school budgets; in a different realm.  It is about Common Core Education.  Common Core is Nationalized Educational Standards.  Our Liberty Watch group has found… read more

Healthcare REPEAL Vote Wed. 7/11/12!! Call ALL Representatives Now!!!!

Today when we were guest hosting the Amy Oliver Show, Mary from Colorado Springs called in and shared with us that there will be a vote to repeal the Healthcare law this Wednesday.  Mary then also sent an email to us with a wonderful information and INSPIRATION! The following is Mary’s email and we ask… read more

LAPD chief: Illegal immigrants should get licenses

The United States is becoming a lawless nation as politicians bend or break the rules for various victim’s groups. Our Constitutional Republic is based on the rule of law and that foundation has been eroded over time. We have now entered a period where what was once unthinkable is common place which is a sign that our nation is… read more

The Collapse Of America In Raw Numbers

The United States is completely bankrupt. We are living on borrowed time and that time is running out. As explained in this easy to understand video, the entitltment/welfare state that has been built over the decades has about run it’s course. As with all societies that live beyond their means for an extended period of time… read more

The Truth IS that Social Security IS a Monsterous Lie!

An article on Politico states that a recent poll shows that 7 out of 10 republicans don’t believe social security is a “monsterous lie”. What the poll really shows is that 7 out of 10 republicans still do not understand what is Constitutional. Starting with FDR, there has been a constant message from the government and… read more