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Reflections on Thompson School Board

school house

I realize that posts have been few and far between. If only there were a way to squeeze more hours in a day I could juggle family, work, and efforts to improve public education perfectly! The reality is that there are only 24 hours in a day and so here is a much needed update… read more

Enough! Sometimes a Retreat is just a Retreat….

While the new year for the school board has started off a little bumpy, we still remain optimistic that the seven members will choose to put aside past disputes and focus on working together. We understand following the rules and adhering to policy is important, but can’t the board members help each other instead of… read more

Montagu, Ward & Howard display contempt for the Law & Derail 1st TSD Board Meeting

We had such high hopes for the start of the new school year and in fact we debated over whether or not we even need to attend the first board of education meeting tonight.  The agenda had five items of which four were for standard operating items that while “normal” are also critical such as… read more

Thompson School District BOE: Mean Girls the sequel

The movie “Mean Girls” is a classic movie about the social cliques in high school and it would seem that the Thompson School District Board of Education has never left high school. The board of education and the district have long been in charge of deciding who is in and who is out and the… read more

Thompson School Board Meeting 2/20/13: BOE Statements on Transparency Petition

On February 20, 2013 the Thompson School District Board of Education had placed our petition on their agenda and were supposed to discussed the merits of the petition for transparency.  However, as the evening progressed it became apparent that they never intended to have an honest discussion and vote on the merits of the petition. Instead of… read more