Searchable Database

magnifying glassWe are proud to offer a way for parents, teachers, TSD staff and community members to obtain information that can be used to understand the district.

As we continue our research, we will be adding new searchable database reports that will help us all understand the data for district finances, operations and most important student performance. We welcome suggestions for reports and data you would like to see and also let us know if something isn’t right or isn’t easy to use or understand. ┬áPlease send all comments and suggestions to:

Employee Database:  This report allows you to search by job title, location and location type and you can also combine search parameters such as; 1st grade teachers and Winona Elementary. Click here for search tool

TSD Check Register: Want to know what your money is being spent on? The check register database allows you to easily see how our money is being spent. Click here for Check Registers

Everything we do is made possible by donations and we ask that if you would like to help support the database tool to please consider a donation today.
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