Principles of Liberty #21 – Video Lesson

Local government is what provides a strong foundation for government and when our local government is not based on Principles of Liberty this is reflected throughout all levels of government.

How can Liberty and Freedom be preserved if those governing do not understand the true nature of government which is ALWAYS to destroy Liberty and Freedom?  Thomas Jefferson strongly believed in preventing the centralization of of government as this becomes a consolidation of power every time, no matter what.

The National Center for Constitutional Studies has an excellent video which explains the Principle if Liberty #21 and is well worth the approx. 45 minutes to watch.  Click here for the video.

I would encourage everyone to get involved at the local level as this is where YOU can make a difference!  There are City Council and School Board elections happening all across the State this November and numerous candidate forums are being held.  Meet the candidates, look them in the eye and find out which candidate you believe will best defend Liberty.

Have a FANTASTIC day!




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