Thompson School District BOE: Mean Girls the sequel

The movie “Mean Girls” is a classic movie about the social cliques in high school and it would seem that the Thompson School District Board of Education has never left high school.

The board of education and the district have long been in charge of deciding who is in and who is out and the board meeting on October 16th was like watching a bad remake of the Mean Girls.

It was clear from the start of the meeting that the “mean girls” club had orchestrated a special meeting to show how wonderful they are and that board member Bob Kerrigan is the kid they love to torment.

First up is the video of board member Denise Montagu ripping on Loveland citizen Liam Weston who came to speak to the board about the conflict of interest policy and also that he did not appreciate Montagu calling his wife a fool in a face book thread (click here for screenshot).

The issue of conflict of interest surfaced when Gerald Lauer, who is the husband of Diane Lauer the Executive Director of Instruction, decided to run for school board. It has also come to light that current board member Jeff Berg’s wife also works for the district and the board in previous work sessions have been working on revising the current board policy.

What is most disturbing is that acting board president Janice Marchman (also up for re-election) made no effort to stop lead “mean girl” Montagu from continuing her totally inappropriate tirade against a citizen. How can we stop bullying in the schools when the board president allows her friend to bully a citizen?

Video of Board member Denise Montagu and citizen Liam Weston: TSD Board Meeting 10-16-13

Next up is where board member Leonard Sherman finally gets to taunt the “Mean Girls Club” favorite nerd Bob Kerrigan. Note that this was not some spontaneous rant as it is apparent in the video that Sherman is reading from a prepared statement.  As Sherman explains how negative campaigning is effective, it is lost on him that the people doing the negative campaigning are all on “his team”.

Keep in mind that all Kerrigan asked for was to table the conflict of interest policy so that it could be crafted in such way that not only would board members know the procedure for ensuring no issues occur but that also the community would know there would always be full disclosure and transparency.

strong>Video of Board members Leonard Sherman and Bob Kerrigan: TSD Board Meeting 10-16-13

Seems odd that Marchman and Berg who are running on advocating for transparency and accountability would not want to agree to Kerrigan’s reasonable request.

We don’t condone Bob’s response to Leonard but we can relate to reaching the moment when you are no longer going to sit silent and “take it” while the bully pummels you.  So while Kerrigan also was not on his best behavior his response was the classic; “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore” and leaves us rooting for nerd.

And just for fun a video of Mean Girl Queen Montagu’s two best lines!



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