Search the latest TSD Employee data & Checkbook Spending

The updated TSD Employee Database search tool is updated and you can now search by:

Update Field:  This is date the district provided the data in response to our open records request.  The May 21, 2015 is the most current update and you can also look at the staffing as of prior dates.

Location:  Select all, one or multiple locations such as Student Achievement, Winona Elementary, Transportation, etc

Position:  This field allows you to select various job titles such as principal, science teacher, 2nd grade teacher, instructional coach, etc

Last Name:  Search by last name

The database is a great way for parents to see what the staffing actually is for their school or even a school they are considering.

The checkbook register is also updated and now includes transactions from July 2011 through June 2015.  The search can be done by date range for a specific vendor or several vendors.  You can even select transaction by the fund (general fund, designated grants, 2006 MLO, etc) as well as select by location.

This is an easy way to find out exactly how taxpayers dollars are being spent and even how much is being spent for your child’s school!

Click here where you can choose either the check register search or the employee search.

If you have any questions or find something you believe is an error please send an email to or





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