NO on 3A Mill Levy Override: TSD Enrollment Flat Since 2001

The Thompson Valley School District’s student enrollment has been virtually flat since 2001 with the district’s new student population at 14,806 in 2001/02 and enrollment numbers of 15,310 in 2010/11.

As of September 26th, the TSD weekly enrollment report recorded a student population of 15, 108.

These numbers vary but you can see that there is no justification for a mill levy overide due to increased enrollment. So, why do they say they need the money?  

District employment: Since 2005 TSD has hired more than 400 new employees, mostly in non-teaching, support staff  postions which increase the districts overhead without putting more teachers in the classroom.

TSD has many schools which are under capacity and should be closed. This would free up funding resources for the district and leave them in a much stronger position financially. The additional cost of busing students to another school would be negligible compared to the savings.  

It seems that the school district’s main objective is full employment rather than educating the kids and providing a value to the taxpayers of Loveland.



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