Izard: Future of education in Colorado being decided in local school districts

Ross Izard a education policy analyst at the Independence Institute, provides insight to the battle for education reform here in Colorado.n

I understand that in the early days of unions they played a significant role in protecting workers from dangerous working conditions, ending child labor,and improving pay and benefits for workers.

What we face now are unions such as the CEA local chapters who seem more interested in obstructing change that would benefit their members and most importantly the students they claim is the motivation for everything they do.

The opening paragraph from Ross’s article articulates clearly the battle that is raging between education reformers and status quo supporters:

A war is raging for the very soul of education in Colorado. Local education reform’s fiery collision with powerful entrenched interests has turned Jefferson County and Thompson school districts into battlefields on which the future of Colorado’s public schools will be decided. The stakes have never been higher.”

Colorado students deserve an education system that welcomes innovation, transparency and accountability which in the end provides the education students need to be successful in whatever path they follow after graduating from high school.

Please read Ross’s article in full and share with all that you know so that come November you understand what the stakes truly are.

Ross Izard: Future of Education in Colorado School Districts




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