Podcast of Amy Oliver Show 1/7 & Ken Buck Interview

On January 7th I was the guest host on the Amy Oliver show so that Amy could watch her husband John Cooke be sworn in as a State Senator. CONGRATULATIONS Senator John Cooke!

Here are the links to the podcasts of the program and during the second hour of the show I interviewed Congressman Ken Buck of the 4th CD. I understand that many are very disappointed that the House did not elect someone other than John Boehner to be the Speaker of the House.

The Speaker vote is what it is and going forward your job – my job, is to now hold Ken Buck to the words he spoke during the interview. Starting now is when the REAL work of governing begins and if Buck votes against fiscal and limited government principles then by all means bring on the torches and pitch forks!

First Hour of 1-7-15 Show

Second Hour of 1-7-15 Show: Buck interview starts at approx. 19 minute mark



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