SB12-015 Colorado’s “Dream Act” in-state Tuition for Ilegal Immigrants heading to the House.

In a 1790 speech to Congress on the naturalization of immigrants, James Madison stated that America should welcome the immigrant who could assimilate, but exclude the immigrant who could not readily “incorporate himself into our society.”

The push to legitimize illegal immigration continues and once again children are being used to “guilt us” into doing something to help the children who can’t help it that their parents brought them here illegally.

Everytime a law is passed that makes it easier for illegal immigrants to have the same rights and benefits of citizens, the value of citizenship further erodes as does the need for loyalty to America and the commitment to the Principles of Liberty.

A child who has lived here most of their life at some point must make a decision to pledge their allegiance to America and embrace our principles and values and become an American.

SB12-015 has no requirement that a person who is illegal MUST apply FIRST for citizenship and then apply for admission to a college or university and request in-state tuition.  Once again all that is required is the person signs a affidavit promising to apply for citizenship.

We all know that if this passes then the next issue will be that it is not fair that these students who are not here legally cannot obtain state assistance.

The bill is currently scheduled to be voted on in the Senate Chamber this Monday and then will proceed over to the House where the bill MUST NOT be assigned to the House Education Committee!!

C.A.I.R. (Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform) has asked that people contact Speaker Frank McNulty’s office and ask that SB12-015 be assigned to the State Veteran Military Affairs Committee where there is a much better chance that the bill will be STOPPED.

Rep. Tom Massey who is the Chair of the House Education Committee has expressed support for this bill and with a one vote majority in the House his vote is all that is needed to pass this bill which will give illegal immigrant children tuition at the in-state resident rate.  The new online news Colorado Observer has a very informative article on the issues with SB12-015.

Please take a moment today and contact:
Julie Herrmann (Majority Caucus Director)

Ask her to have the Speaker send SB12-015 to the House State Affairs Committee and as always please be respectful.

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