Rep. Chris Holbert – Champion for Liberty

Since the Liberty/Tea Party movement began over 3 years ago, there have been numerous pleas for legislators to take serious their oath to uphold the Constitution and to govern according to the principles of limited government.  There have also been numerous legislators and/or candidates who have promised to shrink the size and scope of government and to govern according to the Constitution.

Very few legislators have actually delivered on the promise to shrink government or to follow the principles of limited government.  The problem is that to keep these promises it requires a willingness to go against popular public sentiment, a willingness to reject the status quo, a willingness to stand alone and sadly many legislators are unwilling to do these things.

On April 12, 2012 Rep. Chris Holbert delivered on his promise and became the “Champion” for Liberty as the lone vote against the budget for FY 2012-13.

This is what the Principles of Liberty in action looks like.

The proposed budget is not fiscally responsible. The proposed budget is not limited government.

The proposed budget is the status quo.

Every year there is talk of cutting spending, eliminating waste and inefficiency and the reality is that EVERY year politics dictates the budget process and government grows larger.

In 10 years time the budget has grown from $13.6 billion to $20.4 billion which is an increase of 50% or $6,750,387,529 BILLION DOLLARS!!

This year’s budget (FY 2011-12) is actually 2% less than the budget for FY 2010-11 BUT the proposed budget for FY 2012-13 is 4% higher than the current budget which completely wipes out the savings from last year and increases the spending another 2%.

In a Denver Post Article, Speaker of the House Frank McNulty stated; ” This budget is a responsible budget,…”

Senator Brandon Shaffer says; “We have worked together to pass a budget that is balanced and fiscally responsible…”

How can anyone say or believe that this is a responsible budget? How is it responsible to spend EVERY penny available?

How is it that somehow there is never enough money for education and roads in-spite of a budget that grows every year?

How will we ever shrink government and reduce spending if there is no willingness to make the difficult choices or say the unthinkable; “we can’t afford this” or “this is not the role of government”?

The governor’s office in FY 2003-04 had a of budget of $34,132,084 and has been dramatically increasing every year since and for FY 2012-13 the budget is set at $185,267,091!  Even if you only go back to FY 2009-10 the Governor’s budget has increased 50% and what benefits do citizens gain from an over funded Governor’s office?

Health Care policy in FY 2009-10 budget was set at $4,335,417,997 and for FY 2012-13 is set at $5,562,737,943 which is increase of 28% and what do we have to show for this increase?

The 2000 census showed our population to be 4,301,261 and the census in 2010 showed our population has increased to 5,029,196 which is a 16% increase but yet the state budget from FY2003-04 to FY2010-2011 increased 30% which is TWICE the population increase.

We all talk about how the Federal Government has a spending problem and yet there seems to be a disconnect with the federal monies that the State of Colorado receives.  The proposed budget is balanced with federal monies that covers 26% of the budget – what happens when these federal monies STOP?

What would happen if in FY2012-13 the $5,196,765,579 BILLION DOLLARS does not materialize or is greatly reduced?

How can we ensure that our kids and grand kids have the same opportunity past generations have had if we never take a stand and demand that now is the time to reverse the failed policies that discourage success and encourage dependence?

We all know that we cannot continue “kicking the can down the road” for some future generation (our kids, our grand kids) to deal with the aftermath of the years of reckless and irresponsible spending and Liberty Watch says THANK YOU to Rep. Holbert for refusing to kick the can!

“Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.” John Quincy Adams, President 1797-1801


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