House Bills for 2nd/3rd Reading or Committee Hearing 2/8/2012

It has been a crazy two weeks and so finally have an update on some of the bills:

House Bills up for 2nd or 3rd Reading Wed. February 8th:

HB12-1061 OPPOSE: The dept of labor, regulation and post secondary really don’t need to be comparing notes on what skills and degrees are needed.  There might be fewer people unhappy with their degrees if we focused more on finding a vocation rather than just a job.

HB12-1105 SUPPORT: This bill supports property rights in regards to the wind energy developers and the land owners.

HB12-1009 SUPPORT:  Great bill that requires agencies to provide complete info on ALL of the federal monies they receive, the authority for the money and a contigency plan if the federal money is 25% or more of funding for an agency or program.

HB12-1071 OPPOSE: Portable Electronic Insurance – this is over regulation and nanny state to say the least!

HB12-1088 SUPPORT: Deadly Force Against Intruder at Place of Business – there is no reason why business owners should not be allowed to defend themselves!!

Committee Hearings:

HB12-1172 SUPPORT: Colorado is the ONLY state with the carbon tax which was put in place based on the twisted logic of: “we need to do it before the federal government makes us do” but funny thing happend: Cap & Trade was defeated in Congress and so there is/was NO NEED for a carbon tax!!

HB12-1039 OPPOSE: Rep. Hullinghorst trying again to pass the Paygo requirement which is anything but paygo.  Lots of words with no real substance.

HB12-1029 SUPPORT: Business Property Tax Exemption is a great bill that would be great if it also passes the Senate.  Businesses should not have to pay tax on equipment once at time of purchase and then again every year until its useful life is ended.  The business property tax is punitive to all companies and should be repealed.



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