HB12-1016 PUC Ex Parte Communications – Guess Who Wins Again :(

HB12-1016 sponsored by Rep. Balmer-R would have been a GREAT start towards transparency in the PUC and in reversing many of the decisions that have led to higher rates for all of us.  From the bill:

“The bill allows a party to a proceeding before the public utilities commission (PUC) to file a motion seeking the disqualification of a public utilities commissioner or an administrative law judge for failure to be impartial. A district court may stay or suspend the proceedings of the PUC if the PUC fails to disqualify a commissioner from the proceedings.”

What possible reason would any rational person have for voting against this bill?  I wonder who might have been lobbying against this bill?  Who would not want a bill like this passed?  I wonder what Xcel Energy thought of this bill?  Maybe the committee members who voted against the bill could explain to us all why having impartical commissionars is a bad idea!!!

The TWO people that voted FOR transparency and not to fail the bill are: Rep. Marsha Looper marshalooper@gmail.com and Rep. Glenn Vaad Glenn.vaad.house@state.co.us  I personally would like to thank both of these representatives for voting for transparency in the PUC!!

Those who voted AGAINST transparency and to fail this bill are:

Rep. Barker-R Mark.barker.house@state.co.us; Rep. Brown-R Jpaul.brown.house@state.co.us; Rep. Fischer-D randyfischer@frii.com; Rep. Hamner-D Millie.hamner.house@state.co.us; Rep. Jones-D repmattjones@gmail.com; Rep. Prioloa-R kpriola@gmail.com; Rep. Scott-R Ray.scott.house@state.co.us; Rep. Tyler-D max@maxtyler.us; Rep. Williams-D Angela.williams.house@state.co.us; Rep. Young-D dave.young.house@state.co.us