Complete Listing of All State Legislation Now Available

Until the database is completed we are using a spreadsheet to list and track all of the legislation in the current session at the State Capital.

The spreadsheet can be sorted by position, bill number, etc by clicking on the drop down menu available for each column header in the first row.  You can read a bill by clicking on the link attached to the bill number and if there is a fiscal note available then click on the “yes” in that column and the link will take to the posted fiscal note.  Click here for the spreadsheet

The position column has 3 levels:

Null – we are not taking a position

Review – position pending until the legislation is reviewed

Oppose or Support

What can you as a citizen do with this information?  A great deal!!!

You can attend a committee hearing and testify for or against a bill that matters to you – Legislators do in general value citizen testimony more than testimony from a person who is a paid lobbyist.  For more information on testifying read our blog from last year.

You can volunteer to review, research and analyze a bill that is of interest to you that Liberty Watch is following or is pending review.

Email, call or write your legislator and ask him/her what their position is on a bill and why – always best to ask first where they stand before telling them what position the legislator should take.  Always remember to be respectful and polite even if you disagree – you never know when you may need that legislators support in the future.

Talk to your family, friends, neighbors about what is happening in the legislature and let them know about resources such as Liberty Watch, Colorado Union of Taxpayers, Grassroots Radio 560KLZ.

Defending and preserving Liberty is the responsibility of all citizens and together we can make a difference!

Liberty Watch as you know, is not a for-profit business. We rely exclusively on the generosity of friends like you in order to bring our values of fiscal responsibilty, constitutionally limited government, and free markets to the forefront of the conversation here in Colorado.

Your donation no matter the amount helps us to pay for:

  • Legal Representation
  • Web-site Design & hosting
  • Research Subscriptions
  • PO Box Rental, printing, supplies
  • Events such as Liberty Fest
  • Education seminars such as ReValue America

Whatever you can afford to give is most appreciated and will help us continue to expand our web-site, programs and efforts to defend and preserve Liberty all.! Click here to donate and thank you!