Thanks to those who voted No on HB1160

March 19, 2011

To the Honorable Representatives Nikkel, DelGrosso, Balmer, Acree, Baumgardner, Beezley, Swalm, Becker, Holbert and Murray:

Thank you so much for voting no on HB1160 which in my opinon violated several key principles of fiscal conservatism such as free market, limited government and fiscal responsibility.  There are those who believe that because the amount of money claimed to be available for this pilot program is only $330,000 that HB1160 is just not a big deal.  I disagree!

Over the last two years, the message from liberty groups across the country has been the same which is; get back to the basic principles of fiscal conservatism and more importantly back to the principles of liberty that this great country was founded on.

What many legislators at all levels do not realize is that for many citizens the weight of excessive government spending, regulation and interference into our lives has reached such a level that whether it is a “pebble or a brick” piled on our backs, the effect is the same and we will not and cannot tolerate any more!

I understand that there are many instances where States do not have a choice in accepting Federal funds but whenever possible the choice must be made to not participate in the reckless spending of the federal government.

Colorado must prepare for the likely possibility that at some point federal funds will not be available for programs such as education, medicaid, healthcare, etc. because with the federal government spending $4 billion per day with $2 billion needing to be borrowed/printed, it is simply not sustainable and defies basic principles of economics that even the USA is not exempt from.

Again, thank you for voting no on HB1160 which for me, means you made the choice to not participate in the reckless spending of the federal government and chose to stand on principle.

In Liberty,

Nancy Rumfelt



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