SB200 Insurance Exchange, SB167 Efficiency in State Regulatory Sys & HB1160 Cash for Home Clunkers, HB1285 LT Managed Care

April 19, 2011

SB200 passed Legislative Council today & the following Republicans stood on PRINCPLES of Free Mkt & Limited Govt & so please thank the following legislators who defended Liberty:

Sen. Kopp, Sen. Cadman, Sen. Renfoe and Sen. Scheffel,,,

SB200 insurance exchange which with or w/o obamacare will lead to singler payer govt controlled healthcare passed the legislative council with the help of House Reps who followed house leadership off the reservation and off the cliff.  Speaker McNulty, Rep. Stephens House Majority Leader, Rep. Nikkel House Majority Whip, Rep. Kerr J., Rep. Priola.  Please let them know what you think of their vote which goes against the principles of free market and limited government:,,,,

SB167 Efficiency in Regulatory Sys was a GOOD bill to start reducing the burden of regulations on business but House Leadership balked at the approx cost of $266k over 2yrs to save business potentially many times the cost. Apparently it is ok to spend $1million fed grant to study exchanges SB200 or HB1291 Spend millions for a 40:1 cost benefit ratio.

Pls share with Speaker McNulty, Rep. Stephens House Majority Leader and Rep. Nikkel House Majority Whip your thoughts on what they deem is a good value for the tax payers.

HB1160: Wow this is awesome! Now you can bring your home up to the ridiculous energy efficiency ratings using other people’s money (federal tax dollars) or maybe its the monoply money that S&P has warned us to stop printing. Either way u get to fix up your clunker home w/o using your money AND you are creating jobs for the Home Builders Assoc. Its A win win win for big government.  Oh and don’t forget to ask the following Senators WHY they voted yes on the Senate floor for HB1160: Sen Steve King, Sen. Spence, Sen. Brophy, Sen. White, Sen Roberts

HB1285 Managed L/T Care – basically putting the fox (insurance companies) in charge of the chicken house (patients) was passed out of the House Health Committee today with the help of 5 Republicans.  The Republicans who voted no and believe that the Patient AND Doctor know how to best manage care are:

Rep. Joshi and Rep. Bradford pls send an email thanking them for their COURAGEOUS vote on this bill which was sponsored by Rep. Stephens House Majority Leader and Sen. Boyd-D who is dedicated to single payer healthcare

The Republicans who voted for the managed L/T care are:

Rep. Kerr J., Rep. Massey, Rep. Acree, Rep. Summers, Rep. Brown

Please share with them your thoughts on this vote!,,,,



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