HB1160 – a battle between politics as usual and principles of fiscal conservatism

March 16, 2011

The main premise of this bill is to spend the balance of ARRA funds (porkulus stimulous money) that remains in the Governor’s Energy Office which is supposedly $330,000.

Now why would Rep. Gerou and the Home Builder’s Association be fighting so hard to spend $330,000?  If the average upgrade cost $10,000 then this would provide monies for 33 homes and how many contractors would actually benefit from this amount?

Makes one wonder is it really only $330,000?

Makes one wonder why such a push to spend federal monies that the country DOES NOT have!

If this bill is specific to the ARRA funds why does it not state this?

If the pilot program is to end when the approx. $330,000 is gone why is this called a pilot program?

The orginal bill stated (pg 7 p.9): Funding for the pilot program shall be provided from federal funds transferred to the Governor’s Energy Office that…has already been received prior to the effective date of this section or may receive after the effective date… Note: this section in no way specifies the money is from ARRA or finite!

The amended version: Keeps the above and adds the following: The Governors’ Energy Office shall not establish the pilot program set forth in this part 2 if Federal Funds are not available.

Are we really to believe that federal funds won’t be available?  Once a program is started it is almost impossible to end ANY government program.

This bill is written specifically to benefit the Home Builders Association and the construction industry not just because of the remodel component but because the program requires you sell your fixed up existing home and then you must purchase a new construction residence.

Even if the number of homes upgraded was doubled to 66 or even quadrupled to 132 new homes built is this really worth compromising the principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government?

Memo to Legislators:  You were not elected to pass laws that will benefit one small select group of citizens, you were not elected to continue the feeding frenzy at the trough of federal pork spending, you were not elected to gain benefit from your laws passed.  You were elected to represent all of the people, you were elected to govern on the principles of limited government, free market (no picking winners & losers) and fiscal responsibility.

Every Yes vote on this bill represents a vote for continuing to destroy our children’s future with RECKLESS FEDERAL DEFICIT SPENDING!  We all expect Democrats to vote yes on bills that take from one and give to another with no regard to how the bill will be paid BUT we expect, we demand  that the Republicans we elected follow the principles of fiscal conservatism.

Rep. David Balmer has been leading the way in this fight to stop this bill and is commended for standing up & fighting for the principles of fiscal conservatism.  Today HB1160 will be voted on for final passage out of the house and Liberty Watch hopes that all Republicans will join Rep. Balmer in voting NO on HB1160 which represents so  many principles that the liberty movement has been fighting so hard to restore and preserve.



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