Ride & Drive: City of Loveland is YOUR Electric Car Dealer!

The City of Loveland has been quietly working to bring electric cars to Loveland since 2012 and on August 7, 2013 the Water and Power Department is holding a “ride an drive” event so that citizens can experience the thrill of driving an all electric car.

The event  will have free refreshments, giveaways and cost benefit presentations and since YOU are paying for this incredible event we would encourage you to attend!

Background information:

In 2012 the City purchased two Nissan Leaf’s from Tynan’s Nissan for $47,412 which sounds like a bargain right?  We also need to add to the cost the $12,080 that was spent for the charging station and the installation which then brings the grand total for two cars to $59,492.

Still not bad for the two cars but since the city decided to “go green” we were invited to join with Fort Collins and create a new partnership called “Drive Electric Northern Colorado” and while there are no membership dues the Power department generously set aside $50,000 to show Loveland’s commitment and dedication to the program  which means the cost of the two electric cars is now at $109,492.

Still a bargain right?

Well it seems that the purchase of the two electric cars was like winning a never ending lotto as the city of Loveland also “won” a grant from the Colorado Energy Office to expand our public charging station (yes the charging stations YOU paid for also provide citizens FREE charging for their electric cars) and a check for $32,240 was sent to us.  Now all Loveland has to do is provide a 20% minimum match which is only $6,448 and tada! we can add a charging station at the Library, two more stations at the Service Center and the last location is a mystery which we would suggest the Welfare for Artists Artspace live/work apartments as the perfect last location.

So now the total cost of the two electric cars is $115,940 right?  The problem is that the City has no idea how much the four new charging stations, infrastructure and installation will cost and so the City’s “winning streak” might not be over yet!

So we really encourage every citizen to stop by the Loveland Power Department tomorrow and participate in the “ride and drive” event and find out how you to can get benefit from owning  your own lotto streak electric car!

 Page 13-15 History of Electric Car

City Analysis of Nissan Leaf Purchase




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