Renewable Energy: Fraud, Waste and Environmental Degradation

Americans have been intentionally mislead by government and popular media to believe that renewable energy is our future and that these new energy sources hold the promise of efficient, low cost power  that can be produced with little to no negative impact on the environment. Nothing could be further from the truth. The United States has poured hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars into the “green energy” industry with no positive results and to this day renewable energy only accounts for perhaps three percent* of the nation’s total energy requirements.

Let’s start with wind turbines. The manufacture of wind turbines requires significant quantities of what are called rare earth metals. These metal ore compounds are difficult to mine and require the processing of huge amounts of rock to produce a few ounces of usable material. Another fact not widely understood by the American public is that the magnets used in wind turbines are extremely toxic to manufacture and result in large scale environmental damage in the process. The Chinese manufacture all the magnets used in wind turbines and currently China produces 97% of the all rare earth metals.

The environmental degradation is not limited to the mining of rare earth metals or the manufacturing of the magnets; it extends to the disposal of the wind turbine blades too. The latest environmental problem to arise from the use of wind energy is the disposal of wind turbine blades once they have worn out. They cannot be recycled  because they are made of a carbon fiber compound and burning them would release toxic emissions into the atmosphere so for the time being they are piling up. 

What contribution does wind energy make to the power grid? Wind turbines operate at peak efficiency approximately 30-35% of the time; this is a best case scenario. Because the wind never blows at a constant speed their energy output is unpredictable and at all other speeds their power output is worse, potentially far worse. From an investment prospective, wind turbines are money losers in the first order.

“The amount of money that a 2 MW wind turbine will generate each year will depend upon the Purchase Power Agreement that you are able to obtain. I believe at best you will get 3.7 cents a kilowatt hour. That would mean revenues per 2 MW installed of $194,472.00 dollars per year. You would have to get almost 7 cents a kilowatt hour just to get revenues sufficient to pay back the initial investment in ten years without interest.”  


When considering all the facts it’s fair to conclude that the wind turbine industry could not exist without ongoing government subsidies that underwrite an industry and a product that there is no market for.   

The Renewable Energy Insanity Continues With Solar Power 

Government and environmentalist groups would have you believe that solar power is a viable, clean, efficient alternative to traditional, carbon-based energy sources. Not true. 

Solar energy is expensive, inefficient in the extreme and not as environmentally friendly as first thought. New research shows, albeit unintentional, that generating electricity with solar panels can also be a very bad idea. In some cases, producing electricity by solar panels releases more greenhouse gases than producing electricity by gas or even coal. Another serious problem with solar panel manufacturing is that it is very labour intensive and requires a substantial amount of rare earth metals and energy to produce just like wind turbines. As inefficient as wind energy is, solar is an even poorer performer when it comes to energy output. 

The reality is solar energy accounts for less than 1% of America’s total energy needs despite billions and billions of taxpayer dollars being funnelled into the technology and industry. This article does not address the massive taxpayer fraud that has taken place inside the solar energy industry.  

 The truth is Western governments, with the help of a compliant media, have hidden the true cost of renewable energy from the general public and have grossly overstated the performance of these new technologies. They don’t work. 

However, there are reasons to be optimistic! Technological advances in the extraction of abundant, clean burning natural gas has kept energy prices affordable for the American family while allowing businesses to remain competitive. This is great news for our economy.   

What’s especially exciting in the oil and gas industry is the advances in existing technologies have made possible the super-efficient extraction of natural gas from rock formations thousands of feet underground. This technology is referred to as hydraulic fracturing or fracking. This has been a boom to America’s economy and is the largest single factor in keeping our energy cost low. The practice has been in existence since the 1940’s and is a proven, safe process for the development of natural gas.    

*I have excluded hydro electric power because government, working in conjunction with environmental groups have vehemently opposed the construction of any new dams and instead have been lobbying for legislations that decommission hydro electric facilities and return the dam site to its original habitat. The only reason government and environmentalists include hydro electric power generation in their numbers is because it artificially boosts the amount of renewable energy produced by alternatives from 3% to 8%.      



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