Meet the Fractivists – Loveland City Council Study Session

Tonight we attended the study session that the council held regarding the issue of a fracking ban being imposed by the council.

As we arrived, there were numerous people milling around holding anti-fracking signs and I believe that are part of the Frack Free Loveland group which has now become the Protect Our Loveland organization.

I began handing out copies of a pdf I had printed which provided information on what products would not be possible without natural gas and had mixed results with people taking, keeping or not taking at all.

As we were walking away to enter the city building, a young man began talking to us and I then attempted to have a rational dialogue with him about fracking.  I will say that I was impressed as he is the first anti-fracking person who believes coal is a viable option and is now a very clean process.  After hearing this statement I naively believed that we would continue to have a balanced conversation.

You can click here for the video which is approx.7.5 minutes long and ends with the young man telling me something like “I can’t see your side as I can’t get my head that far up your ass” – so much for polite discourse.

Then as we started to walk away a woman approached me and began the conversation by telling Robert he is “an ass”, then telling us both “how dare you show up” and my favorite; “there should be no dialogue”.

Here is the video clip of the retired teacher which is 3.5 minutes

The quality could be better but we had not really planned to record outside and we tried to also at the same time record some of the people milling around.

We did finally manage to enter the council chamber and had one more encounter with a woman who asked for a flyer and then after reading returned back to me.  She explained that she is not only against fracking but is also against natural gas EVER being drilled for as she wants to protect our water.

I asked her how will she heat her home and said there is solar and wind which I then explained that neither of these are viable options.  I also pointed out that is it hard to drink water when you are a frozen ice cube and at that she turned around.

So these are the Fracktivists who will soon be descending upon Loveland to collect signatures for their petition to impose a ban disguised as a moratorium.

Going to be a fun and entertaining summer with the Fracktivists!




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