SB15-033: Increasing Funding For Public Pre-K-12 Education

Legislative Text

Sponsors Senate: Kerr

Sponsors House: None


Under existing law, the “Public School Finance Act of 1994” funds kindergarten students as half-day pupils plus the supplemental kindergarten enrollment. Under existing law, the supplemental kindergarten enrollment is an additional .08 of a full-day pupil. The bill increases the supplemental kindergarten enrollment for the 2015-16
budget year and each budget year thereafter to .15 of a full-day pupil. The bill expresses the general assembly’s intent to increase funding annually for full-day kindergarten starting in the 2016-17 budget year and continuing through the 2020-21 budget year so that by 2020-21, the general assembly is funding kindergarten students as full-day pupils. Pursuant to referendum C passed by the voters in 2005, the state is currently authorized to retain and spend up to a capped amount of revenues each year that would otherwise be refunded in accordance with the taxpayer’s bill of rights. Subject to a vote of the people, the bill authorizes the state to retain and spend all additional excess revenues beginning in the 2016-17 fiscal year. The general assembly is required to appropriate the additional retained moneys first to fund kindergarten pupils as full-day pupils and then to fund the state’s share of total program funding. The state treasurer must transfer any amount of remaining additional excess revenues to the state education fund. The director of research of the legislative council must prepare an annual report concerning how the retained excess revenues are expended. The secretary of state is directed to place the question of whether to allow the state to retain excess revenues on the ballot for the 2015 general election.




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