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Healthcare REPEAL Vote Wed. 7/11/12!! Call ALL Representatives Now!!!!

Today when we were guest hosting the Amy Oliver Show, Mary from Colorado Springs called in and shared with us that there will be a vote to repeal the Healthcare law this Wednesday.  Mary then also sent an email to us with a wonderful information and INSPIRATION! The following is Mary’s email and we ask… read more

This video is PHENOMENAL! "If I wanted America to fail" – Share with all you know!

This is such a PHENOMENAL video!! “If I wanted America to fail” From the script of the video: “If I wanted America to fail, I’d pay people not to work. I’d pay mothers to have babies out of wedlock. I’d exempt over half the population from any meaningful income tax so they would vote for… read more

The Bait & Switch of the Contraception Issue – the Dems have played us again.

Once again the Dems paint the GOP into a corner and what is frustrating is that more & more the Dems give the paint bucket & brush to the GOP so they can paint themselves into the corner aaahhhh!! While all are focused on the attack against faith-based hospitals with the forced contraception benefit, the fact that ALL… read more

LAPD chief: Illegal immigrants should get licenses

The United States is becoming a lawless nation as politicians bend or break the rules for various victim’s groups. Our Constitutional Republic is based on the rule of law and that foundation has been eroded over time. We have now entered a period where what was once unthinkable is common place which is a sign that our nation is… read more

The Collapse Of America In Raw Numbers

The United States is completely bankrupt. We are living on borrowed time and that time is running out. As explained in this easy to understand video, the entitltment/welfare state that has been built over the decades has about run it’s course. As with all societies that live beyond their means for an extended period of time… read more

The Road to Newt

For the last two years I have said I would never support Newt Gingrich for President and yet here I am today a full blown enthusiastic supporter of Newt.  Like the cliché says: never say never!! The appeal of Newt is that he is not perfect – he is flawed just like I am, just… read more