Liberty Lessons

I Pledge My Life, My Fortunes, My Sacred Honor


Today we celebrate Independence Day and enjoy the gift of Liberty made possible by the vision and sacrifice of the brave 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. The blessing of freedom has been passed on to each generation and sadly with each passing of the baton the principals of Liberty have been rewritten… read more

Government without Limits ALWAYS becomes Tyranny!!

American flag isolated on white with clipping path

ThisĀ 13 minute video of Daniel Hannan (Member of European Parliament) brings such clarity as to why so many are willing to sacrifice their life for Liberty. A universal truth is that Liberty flourishes where the individual is above the state. Liberty Flourishes where opportunity to fail or succeed is driven by the individual and not… read more

Principles of Liberty #21 – Video Lesson

Local government is what provides a strong foundation for government and when our local government is not based on Principles of Liberty this is reflected throughout all levels of government. How can Liberty and Freedom be preserved if those governing do not understand the true nature of government which is ALWAYS to destroy Liberty and… read more