Thompson School District

TSD Budget: The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Every year the budget (spending) increases and the proposed budget for the 2014-2015 year is no exception.  While some of the increases are for much needed items such as increasing the pay for new teachers and for substitutes, new math curriculum and maintenance, there are still too many budget items that never seem to be… read more

Gambling is always fun when using other people’s money….


At the February 12th board meeting,  the board voted 4-2 (Director Denise Montagu was absent) to table spending approx. $800,000 for RB+B Architects to begin the design work phase for High Plains Academy School at Centerra. This was the right decision for the District and we commend the board for voting to hit the “pause”… read more

TSD Continues Academic Decline

school house

The recent release of the 2013 Colorado School Grades report shows Thompson School District continues to  graduate students that are not proficient in the core subjects of math, reading and science. Although the numbers do reveal some good news for the district such as improvements in the elementary grades, these positives are overshadowed with a… read more

Thompson School District BOE: Mean Girls the sequel

The movie “Mean Girls” is a classic movie about the social cliques in high school and it would seem that the Thompson School District Board of Education has never left high school. The board of education and the district have long been in charge of deciding who is in and who is out and the… read more

Thompson BOE Selects Community Organizer to fill Vacancy

Thompson School District Bureaucrats are Still First and Students are Still Last Community Organizer Selected to Fill Vacancy for District D  Loveland, Colorado – October 2, 2013 – The Board of Education voted last night to select Pam Howard to fill the vacancy created when Leslie Young (District D) resigned from the board in August.… read more

Testing in Public Schools is out of Control. Not improving our Schools.

The enthusiasm to test is unabated here in Colorado.  K-12 students are subjected to lots of testing, not only by their teachers and the local school district but also by the state. Here is an analysis of test time for students in Thompson School District Problems with high-stakes testing: 1) standardized test scores poor measure… read more

The Educational Industrial Complex is making money but not improving education – bad news!

This presentation was made during the Public Comments at the Thompson School District R2-J Board of Education Meeting on June 19, 2013 by Margaret L. McKenzie My topic tonight touches on school budgets; in a different realm.  It is about Common Core Education.  Common Core is Nationalized Educational Standards.  Our Liberty Watch group has found… read more

Cost to Educate is over $10,000/student at Thompson School District

Thompson School District’s budget for 2013-14 proposes to spend $152 million to educate about 15,000 students, or over $10,000 per student. The Colorado Department of Education 2012-13 report states TSD’s student achievement is declining at all levels. Student math proficiency is 73 percent for elementary, 59 percent for middle, and just 40 percent for high… read more

The Charade of Transparency Continues – Budget & Union Contract vote June 19th

Assortment of color pencils

Will any amount of money ever be enough to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the education system? It is that time of year again when local school boards are voting on next year’s budget and there is the usual hand-wringing and angst about the lack of money and yet no budget ever shrinks, no budget… read more