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Podcasts of Nancy as Guest Host on The Stacy Petty Show 1310KFKA


On October 15th and 16th I filled in for Stacy so she could attend her son’s wedding. Here are the podcasts: October 15th 1st Hour – Importance of public education October 15th 2nd Hour – Importance of public education October 16th 1st Hour – Sherrie Peif update on University H.S. October 16th 2nd Hour – … read more

Search the latest TSD Employee data & Checkbook Spending

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The updated TSD Employee Database search tool is updated and you can now search by: Update Field:  This is date the district provided the data in response to our open records request.  The May 21, 2015 is the most current update and you can also look at the staffing as of prior dates. Location:  Select… read more

Izard: Future of education in Colorado being decided in local school districts

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Ross Izard a education policy analyst at the Independence Institute, provides insight to the battle for education reform here in Colorado.n I understand that in the early days of unions they played a significant role in protecting workers from dangerous working conditions, ending child labor,and improving pay and benefits for workers. What we face now… read more

You & I Create Respect – With or Without a Contract


Negotiations this year had a new wrinkle: The passing of Prop 104 (70% of voters said yes). This new law means all discussions relating to district-union negotiations had to be conducted in public. It also means that boards can no longer go into executive session to discuss contract issues or strategy, and that actual negotiations… read more

School Choice in America-Searching For Solutions

The school choice movement is about finding solutions to the problems facing our public school system which the entrenched educational establishment is resistant to addressing. Americans have grown frustrated with the way the K12 bureaucracy delivers education to their children and feel they are not getting a good return on their investment. Americans are no… read more

Critical thinking plays key role in society, Dr. Paul Bankes

Dr. Paul Bankes who is a former principal and Executive Director in Thompson School District, has written an excellent guest column for the Reporter Herald about what he sees as the issues in public education and how applying concepts of critical thinking can help. We encourage all of you to attend the Breaking Bread Potluck… read more

Another Great Breaking Bread Potluck!

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Lot’s of good discussion surrounding testing as well as a discussion on merit pay (pay for performance). This time we had current and former teachers who brought a lot to the discussion as well as some new parents who shared concerns about the current system. We appreciate everyone who attended the discussion and as always… read more

Enough! Sometimes a Retreat is just a Retreat….

While the new year for the school board has started off a little bumpy, we still remain optimistic that the seven members will choose to put aside past disputes and focus on working together. We understand following the rules and adhering to policy is important, but can’t the board members help each other instead of… read more