Education Legislation

State or Federal Legislation that impacts public education

SB15-050: Awarding CO’s Excellent Scholars Program

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Heath Sponsors House: None Summary: The bill creates the awarding Colorado’s excellent scholars (ACES) program to provide scholarships to the 3 students in each public high school each year who graduate with the highest grade point averages (GPAs) in their graduating class. The ACES program starts in the 2015-16 school year,… read more

SB15-045: Tax Credits For Nonpublic Education

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Lundberg Sponsors House: None Summary: The bill establishes a private school tuition income tax credit for income tax years commencing on or after January 1, 2016, that allows any taxpayer to claim a credit when the taxpayer enrolls a dependent qualified child in a private school or the taxpayer provides a… read more

SB15-033: Increasing Funding For Public Pre-K-12 Education

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Kerr Sponsors House: None Summary: Under existing law, the “Public School Finance Act of 1994” funds kindergarten students as half-day pupils plus the supplemental kindergarten enrollment. Under existing law, the supplemental kindergarten enrollment is an additional .08 of a full-day pupil. The bill increases the supplemental kindergarten enrollment for the 2015-16… read more

SB15-020: Education To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Assault

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Newell Sponsors House:  McCann Summary: The bill requires the director of the school safety resource centerto appoint a person to collect and make available materials and training regarding the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and assault. The materials must include professional development materials for school personnel and parents and … read more

SB15-003: Ed Evaluations Fifty Percent Academic Growth

Summary: Senate Bill 10-191 concerning educator effectiveness included arequirement that at least 50% of a teacher’s or principal’s performance evaluation be determined by the academic growth of the teacher’s students or the students in the principal’s school. The bill eliminates that requirement. Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Merrifield Sponsors House:… read more

Public Education in America – Lots of Baggage, time to Clean House

With so much going wrong with today’s K-12 Education in America we thought it would be helpful to provide a history of Education in American.  By understanding the major factors that have brought us to today, hopefully… we will be better able to ask the right questions and find the courage to change. Education in… read more