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SB15-033: Increasing Funding For Public Pre-K-12 Education

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Kerr Sponsors House: None Summary: Under existing law, the “Public School Finance Act of 1994” funds kindergarten students as half-day pupils plus the supplemental kindergarten enrollment. Under existing law, the supplemental kindergarten enrollment is an additional .08 of a full-day pupil. The bill increases the supplemental kindergarten enrollment for the 2015-16… read more

SB15-020: Education To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse & Assault

Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Newell Sponsors House:  McCann Summary: The bill requires the director of the school safety resource centerto appoint a person to collect and make available materials and training regarding the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse and assault. The materials must include professional development materials for school personnel and parents and … read more

SB15-003: Ed Evaluations Fifty Percent Academic Growth

Summary: Senate Bill 10-191 concerning educator effectiveness included arequirement that at least 50% of a teacher’s or principal’s performance evaluation be determined by the academic growth of the teacher’s students or the students in the principal’s school. The bill eliminates that requirement. Legislative Text Sponsors Senate: Merrifield Sponsors House:… read more

School Choice in America-Searching For Solutions

The school choice movement is about finding solutions to the problems facing our public school system which the entrenched educational establishment is resistant to addressing. Americans have grown frustrated with the way the K12 bureaucracy delivers education to their children and feel they are not getting a good return on their investment. Americans are no… read more

Critical thinking plays key role in society, Dr. Paul Bankes

Dr. Paul Bankes who is a former principal and Executive Director in Thompson School District, has written an excellent guest column for the Reporter Herald about what he sees as the issues in public education and how applying concepts of critical thinking can help. We encourage all of you to attend the Breaking Bread Potluck… read more

Podcast of Amy Oliver Show 1/7 & Ken Buck Interview

On January 7th I was the guest host on the Amy Oliver show so that Amy could watch her husband John Cooke be sworn in as a State Senator. CONGRATULATIONS Senator John Cooke! Here are the links to the podcasts of the program and during the second hour of the show I interviewed Congressman Ken… read more