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    Blue Lives

    Matter -

    All Lives Matter

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    What is Critical Thinking?

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    January 17th

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    Critical Think

    Plays Key Roll

    in Society

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    School Choice



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The Soapbox

Blue Lives Matter – All Lives Matter

The last few weeks of 2014 have been filled with the tragedy of lost lives, protests turned into riots, accusations of racism, assassinations of police officers and the biggest tragedies are the increasing schism between Americans of all color and… read more

K-12 Public Education

School Choice in America-Searching For Solutions

The school choice movement is about finding solutions to the problems facing our public school system which the entrenched educational establishment is resistant to addressing. Americans have grown frustrated with the way the K12 bureaucracy delivers education to their children… read more

Liberty Lessons

Government without Limits ALWAYS becomes Tyranny!!

ThisĀ 13 minute video of Daniel Hannan (Member of European Parliament) brings such clarity as to why so many are willing to sacrifice their life for Liberty. A universal truth is that Liberty flourishes where the individual is above the state.… read more

Government Issues

Podcast of Amy Oliver Show 1/7 & Ken Buck Interview

On January 7th I was the guest host on the Amy Oliver show so that Amy could watch her husband John Cooke be sworn in as a State Senator. CONGRATULATIONS Senator John Cooke! Here are the links to the podcasts… read more