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    Gambling is Always

    Fun When

    Using Other People's Money

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    Thompson DIstrict

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The Soapbox

Liberty & Justice for All – Remembering those who sacrificed

Memorial Day is a holiday for honoring and remembering the brave men and women who have given their lives so that all of us past, present and future are assured of Liberty and Justice. So many of the military past… read more

K-12 Public Education

Gambling is always fun when using other people’s money….

At the February 12th board meeting, ┬áthe board voted 4-2 (Director Denise Montagu was absent) to table spending approx. $800,000 for RB+B Architects to begin the design work phase for High Plains Academy School at Centerra. This was the right… read more

Liberty Lessons

Principles of Liberty #21 – Video Lesson

Local government is what provides a strong foundation for government and when our local government is not based on Principles of Liberty this is reflected throughout all levels of government. How can Liberty and Freedom be preserved if those governing… read more

City/Local Government

Ride & Drive: City of Loveland is YOUR Electric Car Dealer!

The City of Loveland has been quietly working to bring electric cars to Loveland since 2012 and on August 7, 2013 the Water and Power Department is holding a “ride an drive” event so that citizens can experience the thrill… read more