The Soapbox

Reflections on Thompson School Board

I realize that posts have been few and far between. If only there were a way to squeeze more hours in a day I could juggle family, work, and efforts to improve public education perfectly! The reality is that there… read more

K-12 Public Education

Podcasts of Nancy as Guest Host on The Stacy Petty Show 1310KFKA

On October 15th and 16th I filled in for Stacy so she could attend her son’s wedding. Here are the podcasts: October 15th 1st Hour – Importance of public education October 15th 2nd Hour – Importance of public education October… read more

Liberty Lessons

I Pledge My Life, My Fortunes, My Sacred Honor

Today we celebrate Independence Day and enjoy the gift of Liberty made possible by the vision and sacrifice of the brave 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. The blessing of freedom has been passed on to each generation… read more

Government Issues

Podcast of Amy Oliver Show 1/7 & Ken Buck Interview

On January 7th I was the guest host on the Amy Oliver show so that Amy could watch her husband John Cooke be sworn in as a State Senator. CONGRATULATIONS Senator John Cooke! Here are the links to the podcasts… read more